Project Communications Strategy

Our Communication Processes

Different ways of managing project communication with Stakeholders

Project Initiation

This involves gathering information for project initiation & Distribute plan among team

Project Kickoff

This involves explanation of plans & responsibilities to team members.

Daily Scrum Meetings

This involves tracking of project plan by arranging daily Scrum Meetings as per Agile Process.

Sprint Demo Meeting

This meeting involves demo of sprint by team members to stakeholders.

Team Meetings

To discuss feedback & changes shared by stakeholders in sprint meeting.

UAT & Project Closure Meeting

This is the final stage where UAT is processed and project closure report will be submitted to stakeholders.


We offer complete transparency in work and payment and this trust is maintained since 2008 with our clients

Easy to Customize

We offer highly robust, flexible  and scalable solutions which are future proof & easily customizable

Clean Code

Easily understandable code with properly arranged sections so its easy to perform CRUD anytime in future

Well Documented

Process flow, SRS, Wireframes, Prototypes covering the entire business needs without data redundancy